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A meeting was organised, to discuss "Women's Rights".

The netas attended the meeting but few had anything to say. Suddenly, one of them thought of something "intelligent" to say and came up with a plan to cover up the "dented and painted" women with "over-coats".

"Let's forbid them to speak with the boys".

"Let's ban skirts for school girls".

"Let's stop women from going out on the streets after 6 pm"- another said.

"Let's enact a 'Nirbhaya Act'...", one said.

“Clever plan”! A few shouted.

“Wait-wait”, said a spiritual guru. “We need to teach them Indian culture”, he said.

The politicians had not thought of that earlier. So they invited the Swami to their meeting.

“We need to ask the girls to address the rapists as ‘brothers’..” said the Swami. “She needs to fall at his feet and plead for mercy”, he said. “She must chant Saraswathi mantra”, he said.

Politicians were mesmerized with this Swamiji. They lauded him.

“A woman is bound by contract to serve her husband” said a neta.

“A woman”, another said “shouldn’t talk back at men. Shouldn’t stay out at night or wear clothes- that are inappropriate”.

As they spoke, reports are in, that say: Girls/Women raped. Aged: 2 yrs old, 5 yrs old, 6 yrs old, 10 yrs old, 15 yrs old, 16 yrs old, 23 yrs old, 29 yrs old, 33 yrs old, 40 yrs old, 45 yrs old....70 yrs old, 75 yrs old...

Damini: As she breathed her last, a nation lay exposed.

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I had received a mail, purported to contain what the poor girl had talked to her mother. Also when lots of talk go on regarding the name and identity of the girl , everything is openly brought out in the social media. When I wrote a true story on a man raping his child and later committing suicide, I remember ,being advised against writing such things. well, everyone is entitled to his own opinion.but as sane people it is for us to remove the chaff, and use only the good ones.

12 January 2013 at 18:17

There are countless deaths and suicides due to this menace across the length and breadth of the country.But Damini's death in ghastly circumstances created a national awareness to this scourge.Out of all the inane responses as solutions,I hope the powers that be dispense deterrent punishment speedily without fear or favour within a time frame.At the same time they should empower the women politically,
economically, academically and socially.

13 January 2013 at 06:41

Very sad. Very very sad.
The fundamental issue here could the attitude towards, and perception of, female as a gender. It has taken thousand years or more to even recognize that women deserve some social and personal respect - even in so called 'civilized' side of the world the concept of some respect, not equal respect, has not rooted yet. I watched a program on TV where women were discussing women's rights - it was disgusting to hear women deride themselves, blaming younger generation for the recent mess. Our darned culture still teaches and expects women to be submissive - that needs to stop. But as long as we believe in religion and god, it wont. The reason is as obvious as it is subtle.

14 February 2013 at 11:26

Enjoyed reading the post. Very well written.

14 February 2013 at 11:27

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