Posted by Matangi Mawley

A meeting was organised, to discuss "Women's Rights".

The netas attended the meeting but few had anything to say. Suddenly, one of them thought of something "intelligent" to say and came up with a plan to cover up the "dented and painted" women with "over-coats".

"Let's forbid them to speak with the boys".

"Let's ban skirts for school girls".

"Let's stop women from going out on the streets after 6 pm"- another said.

"Let's enact a 'Nirbhaya Act'...", one said.

“Clever plan”! A few shouted.

“Wait-wait”, said a spiritual guru. “We need to teach them Indian culture”, he said.

The politicians had not thought of that earlier. So they invited the Swami to their meeting.

“We need to ask the girls to address the rapists as ‘brothers’..” said the Swami. “She needs to fall at his feet and plead for mercy”, he said. “She must chant Saraswathi mantra”, he said.

Politicians were mesmerized with this Swamiji. They lauded him.

“A woman is bound by contract to serve her husband” said a neta.

“A woman”, another said “shouldn’t talk back at men. Shouldn’t stay out at night or wear clothes- that are inappropriate”.

As they spoke, reports are in, that say: Girls/Women raped. Aged: 2 yrs old, 5 yrs old, 6 yrs old, 10 yrs old, 15 yrs old, 16 yrs old, 23 yrs old, 29 yrs old, 33 yrs old, 40 yrs old, 45 yrs old....70 yrs old, 75 yrs old...

Damini: As she breathed her last, a nation lay exposed.